7 Tips For Impressing The Family

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Tis’ the season for family gathering and feasting and if you have a significant other it may also be that gut wrenching, nail biting time to “meet the family.”

That’s right, now is your time to impress those possible future in-laws of yours and we’ve got seven must-do tips to insure you successfully get through the festivities leaving a good impression on those folks.


#1 Do Your Research

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you’re somewhat familiar with some facts about your boo’s family. Are his parents into swing dancing? Is his brother a super star on the football team? Figure out just enough deets so you can hold a conversation at the dinner table because it makes you seem caring and interested and because… no one likes an awkward silence!

#2 Come Baring Gifts

DO NOT show up empty handed. A couple days or even weeks before your scheduled big day with the parents do some shopping because you want to be sure you arrive baring a gift. Although there’s no bad blood between you guys it’s like initiating a peace treaty and sets things off on a great foot. It also shows you have a giving and considerate side. An ideal gift would be candles, chocolates, or a fine bottle of wine. Almost like Valentine’s but not quite…

#3 Your Look!

Okay we know they say don’t judge a book by its cover but this is case where that rule goes out the window. Think of it as a job interview. Would you show up to an interview with your cleavage and other lady lumps on display? …Nope! Wear something conservative but still pretty, a below the knee- dress or skirt, cute blouse.

As for the hair, you know we’ve got your back! See above for an example of a look that makes for the perfect final touch to a “holiday-dinner-with-the-family” look.

#4 Compliment  Mom

We all know the mother of the family is the matriarch of the household and that means whatever she says goes. She’s who you really want to leave a strong impression on, and after all who doesn’t love a compliment. Complimenting a mother’s home décor or cooking lets her know you hold value in similar things. MAJOR  points!

#5 Complimenting Pops

Fathers need love too! Now you don’t want to go overboard when it comes to woo-ing your BF’s father because let’s be honest that’s border line creepy and that’s not what we’re going for. Instead to try to find a compliment that can be tied back your boyfriend. i.e. “I see where Ryan gets his great handy man skills from…”

#6 Chill out on the ULTRA PDA

We know your man is looking extra fine in that tie and sweater that you picked out but now is not the time to slob him down! Keep it simple. Hand holding and gentle kisses every now and then are fine.

#7 Manners!

Please and thank you, this is where they come in handy. Rudeness is never cute and it certainly won’t get you on your future in-laws good side. Insist on helping with anything: clearing the table, washing some dishes, any little helping hand is sure to show those folks you’re respectful and a team player. More MAJOR points!

Good luck!

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By: Evanka W.