Forget Me Knot Dry Conditioner

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At this point, many are aware of our oh-so-amazing Freshen Up Dry Shampoo, but dry conditioner might be the missing link to getting smooth and tame second-day hair. Read on to learn all about the newest addition to the Eva NYC family, and why you need to add it to your hair regimen, stat:

Forget Me Knot Dry Conditioner is a weightless spray that works to condition hair, no water necessary, adding instant softness and shine. Its detangling properties prevent future knots from forming, and anti-static ingredients immediately give a smooth finish to any style.

Don’t you hate when you have oily roots and dry ends? Dry conditioner is your solution. Below are some styling tips for when the frizz has you frazzled. 

Style Tip for Next-Day Hair

Forget Me Knot Dry Conditioner pairs perfectly with the Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo to revive your next-day hair.

  • First, spray dry shampoo on hair roots to absorb excess oil. 
  • Second, spray dry conditioner on hair from mid-length to ends. 

You can stop there, or you can re-style your hair with a curler or styling iron.

Style Tip for Clean Hair

Forget Me Knot Dry Conditioner is the perfect primer if you’re doing an ultra-glam up-do, or lots of curls. If you go to a salon for a styling service, many stylists will request you don’t wash your hair, since clean hair can be slippery and harder to work with.

Just lightly spray your clean dry hair with the dry conditioner before styling.

So skip a wash (or two) with this dry conditioner, now available at Ulta and