30 Mini Beauty Products & Sets That'll Make The Most Perfect Stocking Stuffers


By Amanda Richards

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There's nothing that delights me more than a miniature beauty product — and it's not just because I enjoy getting lost in thought while holding it, my imagination creating a world in which I am a giant who is tall enough to step over traffic and people who walk in horizontal lines of four or five down the sidewalk while I'm trying to Christmas shop.

No, miniature beauty products are so much more than that: A travel-friendly solution to keep my favorite brands with me during holiday trips without my carry-on becoming a 100 pound nightmare, the best way to try new brands while keeping my investment in the unknown reasonable, and perhaps most importantly, ideal for holiday gift-giving, perfectly sized for stockings that demand to be stuffed.

Below are some of the best mini beauty products and mini beauty sets for holiday 2017, divided by category to fulfill all your wildest-and-yet-tiniest dreams. There are pint-sized polishes, little-bitty lipsticks, minuscule moisturizers, petite perfumes, and more. Think big beauty, but in a small package...

Beloved (and amazingly affordable) hair brand Eva NYC Mini Blow Dryer, which won't take up too much room in your suitcase but will save you from the inevitable moment when the aunt you're staying with drops the bomb that she exclusively towel dries. What's more: You might want to use this little guy even when you're not traveling. It's just so damn cute.