Dream Curls in Reach: Get the Eva NYC 4P Curling Wand

Whether you’re going for beach waves or old Hollywood glamour, a curler is a must-have. But here’s the deal -- you’re going to need a different barrel size if you’re looking to change up your style. To get beach waves that’ll make any Cali girl jealous, you’re going to need a 19mm barrel. For Angelina Jolie or Rita Hayworth inspired waves, the bigger the barrel, the better. But who wants numerous curlers crampin’ up the bathroom?

Let us introduce you to the new Eva NYC 4P Curling Wand -- one curler, four different barrels. The four different barrels allow you to customize your look to get the curls of your dreams; without hogging the limited bathroom space like your roomie. Not to mention the easy to use digital temperature controls and a cool tip make styling your hair a breeze.

Now everyone can be a curly girl! Find the Eva NYC 4P Curling Wand online at Forever21.com!