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Purple vs Blue Shampoo: What’s the Difference and Which Is Right For You?

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Whether you’re a natural blonde, platinum blonde, or sun-kissed brunette, unwanted brassy tones can be difficult to maintain and neutralize. Regular shampoos, heat-styling, and environmental factors all contribute to your freshly colored locks or natural strands fading into unpleasant tones.   

That’s where blue and purple shampoos come in and luckily, Eva NYC has options for both! We’ve laid out the basics on our purple and blue shampoo plus their conditioner partners here, so choosing the duo your routine needs is a breeze. We've got you covered with a breakdown of these color-correcting heroes and their matching conditioners, making it easy for you to find the ideal duo for your haircare routine. 

purple vs blue shampoo

Purple vs. Blue Shampoo and Conditioner 

Throwing it back to grade school art class, color theory is a great way to choose which shampoo is best for you. We know colors that are close to each other are friends, while colors that are opposite from each other tend to butt heads (or in this case, cancel each other out). 

Blue sits directly across from orange, and purple sits directly across from yellow, making them partners in crime for a battle against brassiness.   

This means that for BLONDE hair, applying purple shampoo will neutralize the brassy yellow tones, while for BRUNETTE hair, blue shampoo will neutralize the brassy orange tones.  

Models holding Eva NYC's Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair  

If you have blonde hair, purple shampoo is your new best friend. Try Eva NYC's Tone It Down Blonde Shampoo + Conditioner. Here’s everything you need to know! 

Blonde hair has always been the most difficult shade to maintain, they require some serious upkeep to stay bright and free of brassiness. The ultra-violet pigments in purple shampoo and conditioner neutralize all those yellow brassy tones. 

Our OG Tone It Down Shampoo and Conditioner’s purple formula delivers radiant, cool toned blonde hair that's bright, shiny, and soft. Whether your hair is naturally blonde, gray, highlighted or dyed, our blonde toning products will neutralize yellow brassy tones, for salon-fresh blonde, every time. 

Add the Tone It Down Blonde Leave-In Cream to your toning routine! It’s a no-rinse cream formulated for weightless hydration that keeps hair smooth, manageable and frizz-free. It’s clinically proven to deliver 4X more hydration after just 1 use for 24 hours!* 

* Clinically Tested vs not using Tone it Down Leave in Cream   

Models holding Eva NYC's Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner

Blue Shampoo for Brown Hair  

Now, let's talk about our Brass to Sass Brunette Collection, specifically designed for brunettes! If you rock brown locks, blue shampoo is your secret weapon. 

Eva NYC’s Brass to Sass Brunette Collection has the best blue shampoo for brown hair.  Whether your color is natural, highlighted, or dyed, blue shampoo can reduce brassy tones and add beautiful dimensions. 

It’s bright blue, nutrient-rich, ultra-moisturizing formulas leave all hair types touchably soft while neutralizing brassy red and orange tones, to bring out the deepest hues in brunette hair — in just one wash!  

Our Brass to Sass Brunette Leave-In Cream enhances natural, highlighted or dyed brunette hair to restore, hydrate, and tone. It’s clinically proven to deliver 2X stronger hair, instantly repairs and reduces breakage by 58%!* 

*Clinically Tested vs not using Brass to Sass Leave-in Cream   

Both of our color care collections are certified cruelty-free through Leaping Bunny, vegan-certified, GMO-free, and free of harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. We believe in providing effective, quality products without compromising your hair's health or the planet's well-being. 

So, whether you're a blonde or a brunette, get ready to have more fun with your hair. Eva NYC's purple and blue shampoos, conditioners and leave-in creams are here to rescue your locks from brassy troubles, leaving you with vibrant, moisturized hair. Embrace the power of color correction and say goodbye to those unwanted tones. 

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