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Celebrate Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month with Eva NYC!

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This yearwe’relaunching #HuesofEvaNYC: an ongoing content series that celebrates the unique identity of all strands, right down to the roots. Join us and celebrate the hues of our hair-care obsessed community as we share Asian beauty rituals, traditionally passed down from loved ones with our creator collective.

Brand Ambassador, Abigail Linn 

Ethnicity: Chinese American

Eva NYC Brand Ambassador

Hear from Eva NYC’s longtime friend and brand ambassador, Abigail to share her relationship with identity and culture in Asian hair + beauty rituals.  
Throughout the month of May, a proceed of every Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer purchase on will go directly towards Abigail’s charity of choice, Camp Kesem.  
I appreciate all the things my mom has taught me about all thing’s beauty growing up! As I got older, I realized the cultural significance of Asian beauty practices and their generational impact. My hair has been a huge part of my identity all throughout my life so learning how haircare beauty rituals inspired by my Asian culture has not only helped me to feel more connected to my roots but also gain a better sense about who I am and where I come from.” 
Learn more about Abigail's story on our Instagram.

Campus Mane, Carly Butler

Ethnicity: Chinese American

Eva NYC Campus Mane

Carly, a college student at the University of Florida, shares her story + journey in embracing her identity through her adoption!  
“As someone adopted from China into a white family, I may not have that cultural experience but fully embrace that it‘s my background that makes me who I am over time. I've learned how to take care of my skin and hair type as well as learning techniques for applying makeup to enhance the natural beauty of my ethnicity.” 

Learn more about Carly's story on our TikTok. 

#helloimeva Community, Teagan

Ethnicity: Filipino and Chamorro

Eva NYC #helloimaeva Community

When I was younger, my mom made sure I never went to bed with wet hair. Every night she sat me down for what felt like forever to personally blow-dry my hair. Although I didn't enjoy it at the time, I now cherish those memories. My mom taught me the value and the how to of hair care: avoid too much bleach and heat, brush from the bottom up, and don’t wash too frequently to keep my natural oils. To this day, she’ll still call me to tell me about a new technique she learned to curl hair or about the benefits of sleeping on satin pillowcases.

#helloimeva Community, Mia

Ethnicity: Indian

Eva NYC #helloimaeva Community

Most little Indian girls have memories of their hair doused in coconut oil, braided in 2 of tightest braids and washed only once in two weeks! We were also told "Don't leave your hair loose" always have to braid it. My grandmother washed my mom's hair until she was 15 with smashed up hibiscus leaves and/or raw milk, and ground methi. There was no shampoo in India when my mom was a child. Methi also known as fenugreek, is rich in vitamins A, K, C, folic acid, and protein which are amazing for hair growth & health. The most important hair lesson my mom has taught me for my hair, is to use a quality brush, one made with wooden handle or glass and boar bristles.

Campus Collective Community, Deepika

Ethnicity: Nepali

Eva NYC Campus Collective

Growing up as a Nepali girl, one of my favorite hair hacks from my culture is hair oiling. It has recently picked up hype on TikTok and all for good reasons. When I was younger my mom and sister would massage my hair with warm mustard seed oil as we chitchatted. Now, even with life getting busier, I still take time to oil my hair, whether with my family or just by myself, a couple of hours before washing. It's my secret to stronger, and shinier hair. This photo captures me celebrating Dashain, a significant festival in Nepali culture. During Dashain, elders bless us by applying "tika" on our foreheads, made of rice, yogurt, and red color, symbolizing blessings, and protection.

Campus Collective Community, Morada

Ethnicity: Korean and Filipino

Eva NYC Campus Collective

As an Asian American with both Korean and Filipino heritage, I cherish my thick, long, and wavy dark hair! Thanks to my mom, I’ve learned some of the best hair care hacks and cutest hairstyles from a young age! Because my hair is one of my favorite features, I hold a lot of value in caring for it, utilizing the best serums, shampoos, conditioners, heat protectors, and more. I love exploring various hairstyles adding accessories, bows, shimmer, braids, and anything else you can think of. While I love these fun updos I also love embracing my natural waves, accentuated by a good wavy hair product!"

Keep up with the hues of Eva NYC’s hair-care obsessed community for stories and experiences of loving your mane through a year long #HuesOfEvaNYC series. The magic of self-expression belongs to all of us, Happy AAPI Month! 

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