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Meet Eva NYC’s Campus Manes Class of 2023!

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We’re back for another school year BFF’s! This semester, we’re celebrating a few new students on the block AND the return of your fave Campus Manes that came back for another semester. 😉 

If you missed a few classes, let’s catch up: Eva NYC is sold at select college bookstores! Our Campus Manes, aka brand reps at select colleges and universities are here to rule the school and all things hair care.  

Chosen for their love of beauty, haircare, and all things Eva NYC, this class is influential, involved, and filled with school pride. Let’s meet our Campus Manes for the fall 2023 semester. Class is in session!

University of Georgia


Eva NYC Campus Ambassador Jayda

Favorite thing about your school: The atmosphere! The coaches, staff, and even the gymnasts on the team are so uplifting. It was hard not to choose Georgia. 

Favorite Eva NYC product: Mane Magic 10-in-1 Hair Primer

Excited to be a Campus Mane this school year because...I am passionate about growing a platform with brands that make women look and feel powerful. I am all about meeting new people and making new friends and I believe Eva NYC is the perfect place for me to find what I’m looking for.

Tell us about your hair journey: My hair type is 4A and it has definitely struggled in the past. I have always worn lots of protective hairstyles, but I would love to be confident in my own natural hair and start that journey.


Eva NYC Campus Ambassador Jillian

Favorite thing about your school: I am a member of the sorority Alpha Phi & I am in 3 on campus organizations: American Marketing Association, Women in Business, and Women in Media! The University of Georgia Football Team is the current back-to-back National Champion. Whenever someone accomplishes a goal, you can ring the bell on campus, and everyone will cheer for you that heard it! 

Favorite Eva NYC product: Kween Glitter Spray 

Excited to be a Campus Mane this school year because...I love making other people feel confident in themselves, which is why I started content creating. I wanted to share all of my experiences, favorite beauty products, style tips and even dog mom life with others in hopes of helping them be their best self to live their best life. I am excited to create content, host events, and grow my experiences in the marketing world!

Tell us about your hair journey: Loving your natural hair is not an easy thing to do, as most people change their hair color and how they chose to style it every single day. I love trying new styles with my hair and I am always looking for the best products for my hair! I have naturally dark blonde hair, and I get highlights every so often to lighten it to a brighter blonde. I have a few different ways I love doing my hair: straight, big bouncy curls, and half up half down with fun hair accessories. I also LOVE to add a bow! Hair is something all of us differ in, so why not embrace fun hair & the endless possibilities! 

University of Florida


Eva NYC Campus Ambassador Carly

Favorite thing about your school: The growth it’s facilitated for me over the past few years. Since coming to UF, I have learned so much from my education and the community I’ve surrounded myself with. Here, and as a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and challenged in the best ways possible. I am looking forward to seeing where my last year at UF takes me and will soak up every experience and opportunity!

Favorite Eva NYC product: Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer for Fine Hair

Excited to be a Campus Mane this school year because...I love working with such a talented team and showcasing my creative side. Since being a part of the Campus Manes program, I’ve met so many amazing people across the country who share similar interests and passions. Eva NYC allows me to be a part of something that empowers people through beauty.   

Tell us about your hair journey: I grew up with stick straight hair and always wanted to create different styles to express myself. It involved a lot of heat and products that I had no idea of how it impacted the health of my hair (I was also washing it twice a day). Now, I have learned more about what works for my hair type and how to treat it with care. I appreciate the confidence my hair brings me and want to continue to maintain its longevity! 


Eva NYC Campus Ambassador Greysun

Favorite thing about your school: I am part of such great communities on campus! I am a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and have grown and been challenged to become a better individual due to the personal connections I have made within my chapter. I am also heavily involved in research with the Florida Emotional and Social Cognition Lab where I can network with other STEM individuals, utilize the technical knowledge I have gained with my Neuroscience major.  
Favorite Eva NYC product: Therapy Session Hair Mask – it hydrates and revives my waves after heat styling! 

I'm excited to be a Campus Mane this school year because...I love being included within of this wonderful team of women and being able to work with a brand that I truly believe in. Eva NYC is a company that I enjoy sharing with my following, friends, and family. They are certified cruelty-free, vegan and non-GMO. They’re also free from sulfates, parabens and phthalates and fully recyclable! Who wouldn’t love being involved with a brand like Eva NYC? 

Tell us about your hair journey: When I was younger, I used to despise my hair! I have very wavy 2C hair and used to have the hardest time styling it and would always compare my hair to the girls with naturally straight hair. Finding good products that I believe in was always a struggle until I found brands like Eva NYC that work for my hair and make me feel more confident wearing my hair naturally. I am still learning to appreciate my natural hair, but I have come so far from the beginning of my hair journey!

Texas Tech University


Eva NYC Campus Ambassador Hartlie

Favorite thing about your school: My favorite thing about Texas Tech is definitely our fans and school spirit! Games are so fun because our student section gets so excited for every game. Personally, my favorite thing is Tech's g life! I am a Pi Phi at TTU and it has made my time here so much fun and special. I have met the most amazing girls within my sorority and being a part of Pi Phi definitely made my freshman year at Tech the best. 

Favorite Eva NYC product: Definitely the Therapy Sessions Hair Mask. It saves and hydrates my hair every time! It also has the best scent ever! 

Excited to be a Campus Mane this school year because... I’m excited to grow and learn about the influencer marketing world within the beauty industry. 

Tell us about your hair journey: My hair is a huge part of my routine when it comes to getting ready every day! If my hair looks good, I feel good. Learning how to take care of my hair has boosted my confidence in so many ways! 


Eva NYC Campus Ambassador Kayla

Favorite thing about your school: Learning new things, being involved in organizations, and joining the track team! 

Favorite Eva NYC product: The Mane Magic 10-in-1 Collection and the Therapy Session Hair Mask. 

Excited to be a Campus Mane this school year because...I'm thrilled to embrace being a Campus Mane this year, as my passion for working in the beauty industry drives me. I've always aspired to help others on their hair journeys, just as I am on mine. As a Campus Mane, I can grow as an influencer, make new friendships, and support those seeking healthier hair regimens. 

Tell us about your hair journey: I have thick 4c hair! My hair journey is an ongoing learning experience. Over the years, I’ve tried it all: relaxers, sew-ins, box braids, and even the big chop to start over. I know what it’s like to long for a different curl pattern, texture, or overall look to fit what seems like “society standard”. That’s why I’m super excited to team up with Eva NYC, and I hope I can inspire other women with type 4 hair like me to know that the versatility of our hair is awesome.  

St. John's University


Eva NYC Campus Ambassador Izzy

Favorite thing about your school: The soccer team of course! I love being a part of such a loving, caring group on campus because not only is it an environment that has nurtured me but it has pushed me to my limits and made me a better version of myself. 

Favorite Eva NYC product: Freshen Up Dry Shampoo or the Therapy Session Hair Mask.

Excited to be a Campus Mane this school year because...I am passionate about growing in influencer marketing and supporting sustainable brands through and through because I find it very important to be mindful of where products we use daily are coming from. I've gotten the opportunity to grow over the past year with Eva NYC as a 2022-23 Campus Mane, so I am even more excited to see where this year will take me! I can't wait to meet the other Campus Manes and get to know more about them so that we can all bond through this experience and support each other as well.

Tell us about your hair journey: My hair journey has changed a lot throughout the years because of being a soccer player. I didn't always take the best care of my hair or pay attention to whether products were suited for my hair type or not. However, I have developed such a beautiful relationship with my hair, and I truly find joy in haircare these days. As I continue to get my hair highlighted blonde, I've made it even more of a point to focus on nourishing my hair while maintaining my color. 


Eva NYC Campus Ambassador Angie

Favorite thing about your school: I am a part of the women's soccer team here on campus! This is definitely one of my favorite parts of being an SJU student because I have extended family here in New York while being able to play the sport I love.

Favorite Eva NYC product: The Mane Magic 10-in-1 Split End Mender is my #1 favorite product, but a close second would be the Healthy Heat 2-in-1 Blowout Brush I have from Eva NYC too! 

Excited to be a Campus Mane this school year because...I am excited for multiple reasons: I have always loved the beauty industry and didn’t know if it was possible for me to be able to really step into it and learn more about it. I have always been into skincare and makeup for as long as I can remember, and then at the end of high school I really began to get into the hair world. Being able to grow in influencer marketing while learning more about the beauty industry is super exciting. I’m also really excited to make new friends from around the country!

Tell us about your hair journey: I always had super long hair growing up and it was actually one of my favorite physical attributes about myself. Before college, I would refuse to get haircuts and didn’t understand the importance of healthy hair. I learned to love getting haircuts and began to appreciate my healthy hair whether it was shorter or longer. I love wearing my hair down and have been really into trying new fun braids and styles. Feeling confident and proud of your personal hair type, texture, and color is such an important part of loving yourself and I have grown an appreciation for learning not only about my hair, but other people's hair journeys and routines.

University of South Carolina


Eva NYC Campus Ambassador Hannah

Favorite thing about your school: One of my favorite things about being a student at the University of South Carolina is being able to perform at all of the football and basketball games. I am on the Carolina Dance team, and I love getting the chance to perform at all of the events and supporting each team. I also love being a part of my sorority and demonstrating sisterhood, scholarship, and service.  

Favorite Eva NYC product: One of my favorite products is Mane Magic10-in-1 Primer I love how it keeps my hair protected and tamed from frizz

Excited to be a Campus Mane this school year because...I am excited about this opportunity and its ability to grow my platform. I am also excited to meet new people and learn more about the beauty industry. 

Tell us about your hair journey: I used to only straighten my hair until about 9th grade where I decided to finally put down the flat iron. It’s been a long journey, but I am finally comfortable and confident with my hair. I still struggle with finding the right products, but overall, my hair is in its natural state majority of the year! 


Eva NYC Campus Ambassador Kaylen

Favorite thing about your school: I’m a proud member of my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. I love gamedays at Carolina because the energy is just so much fun. I’m majoring in retail and fashion merchandising at USC and I hope to own my own boutique one day! 

Favorite Eva NYC product: Therapy Session Hair Mask is my all-time favorite!  

Excited to be a Campus Mane this school year because... I am most excited to network and learn more about the beauty industry! I also am excited to gain more knowledge in creating content. 

Tell us about your hair journey: I love drastic changes to my hair. I just recently cut off 3 or 4 inches and I love it! Styling my hair makes me feel so confident, and I love changing it for whatever phase of life I am in. 

Pepperdine University


Eva NYC Campus Ambassador Amanda

Favorite thing about your school: I love how connected and tight knit the community at Pepperdine feels! I’m studying spanish, so going to a smaller school and having smaller class sized has really helped me to get to know my professors and the people in my class! 

Favorite Eva NYC product: My favorite product is the Mane Magic 10-in-1 Split End Mender! 

Excited to be a Campus Mane this school year because... I had such a great experience last year being a campus mane and am so excited to be able to do so again this year! I loved being able to network and form connections, not only with the Eva NYC team but with the girls from the other schools. I also have been obsessed with Eva NYC products and am so excited to be representing Pepperdine! 

Tell us about your hair journey: My hair helps me to feel like the most confident version of myself and so I have always been adamant about taking good care of it. I recently started bleaching my hair, so making sure that I was using good quality products has become very important. Being able to represent a brand that can help people to feel more confident is such a dream come true! 


Eva NYC Campus Ambassador Marina

Favorite thing about your school: I love getting together school supplies and school outfits on campus. It makes me feel put together and have more of a routine. I express myself a lot through my outfits, so it is one of my favorite parts.Pepperdine has been a great place to do this, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the campus and all the wonderful professors. I am currently getting a master's in psychology and education and the community has been great and extremely motivating. 

Favorite Eva NYC product: Kween Silver Glitter Spray!

Excited to be a Campus Mane this school year because...I am passionate about lifestyle content. Most of my audience on my socials are college students as well, so I curate towards them which is perfect for being a Campus Mane! I know so many students on campus would be obsessed with all things Eva NYC like me! 

Tell us about your hair journey: I am the oldest of four children which has made me a very independent person. When I was in middle school, I became obsessed with braiding my hair and finding tutorials on YouTube to spice up my look. I love to incorporate looks like braids and curls. I think everyone should experiment and find their own personal style when it comes to hair and fashion, and it is important to be unique. 

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