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Eva NYC is officially a Certified B Corporation!

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We're so excited to announce our B Corp certification! B Corp signifies our long-term commitment to social and environmental responsibility which is part of our mission to be kind to the planet, animals and each other.

What Does it Mean to be B Corp Certified explained

What does it mean to be a Certified B Corporation? 

Becoming a Certified B Corp means that we adhere to a standard of excellence across our entire business. This is measured through our efforts towards the environment, workers, community, customers and governance. B Corp holds us accountable in our commitment to being leaders in responsibility, sustainability and transparency.  

Why is being B Corp certified important?

Here’s a breakdown of how we’re assessed across these categories:   

  • EnvironmentHow environmental stewardship is measured. For Eva NYC, that is PCR packaging, measuring emissions in production + employee transportation, being vegan and cruelty-free, as well as non-GMO certified. 

  • WorkersHow employees are treated. For Eva NYC, this means the benefits offered to employees such as parental leave, 401K matching, healthcare plans, PTO, etc.  
  • Community Relationships with vendors/suppliers and the community a company works in. Eva NYC is based in Brooklyn, and we partner with organizations such as Green City Force, and we purchase from local vendors whenever possible. 

  • Customers The protections a company gives to the public. For Eva NYC, this means privacy data settings, warranties, feedback, and quality control to provide you with the best customer experience. 

  • Governance (transparency) How a company is governed. For Eva NYC, this is protecting investments and initiatives with strong mission drivers and ethical concerns. Emphasizing transparency within Eva NYC and customers has always been central to the brand. 

How did Eva NYC score?

We are honored to receive one of the most reputable sustainable and ethical certifications that a business can receive. The average score for an ordinary business is 50.9, and Eva NYC scored an incredible 106.2.

Our high score is attributed to our efforts to be responsible across our entire business. B Corp’s Mission is core to our brand DNA and our score reflects that.

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