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Eva NYC’s Campus Manes Spring 2024 Class

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New school year, more Campus Manes! This spring semester, we’re celebrating a few new students on the block AND the return of your fave Campus Manes that came back for another semester. 😉 

If you missed a few sessions, let’s catch up: Eva NYC is sold at select college bookstores! Our Campus Manes, aka brand reps at select colleges and universities are here to rule the school and all things hair care.  

Chosen for their love of beauty, haircare, and all things Eva NYC, this class is influential, involved, and filled with school pride. Let’s meet our Campus Manes for the spring 2024 semester. Class is in session!

Texas Tech University


Eva NYC Campus Mane Student

Major: Hospitality and Food Management with a minor in Traveling and Tourism 
Campus Involvement: Texas Tech University Track & Field 

Favorite Hairstyle: Any protective style! 

I’m ready to be an #EvaNYCCampusMane because... 
It’s an opportunity to dive deeper into my passions with growing as an influencer, making new connections and embracing my own hair care journey.


Eva NYC Campus Mane Student

Major: Advertising 

Campus Involvement: PR/Marketing Director and member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority  

Favorite Hairstyle: I’m currently obsessed with anything bows. A cute half up half down look with a bow is just my fave right now! 

I’m ready to be an #EvaNYCCampusMane because... 
I have found such a love for creating content and learning more about the beauty industry! I also loved getting to plan an event for Eva NYC last semester, so I am absolutely looking forward to putting on another one!

Pepperdine University


Eva NYC Campus Mane Student

Major: Psychology with a minor in Education 

Favorite Hairstyle: I love a blowout or loose waves! Growing up I always kept my hair very short, so now that it is longer I love having it down and flowing! In order to maintain healthy hair I do my best to only use heat once a week and ALWAYS use heat protectant. I also try to avoid sleek hairstyles so there is less breakage in my hair. 

I’m ready to be an #EvaNYCCampusMane because... 
This is my second semester as a Campus Mane and it has honestly been such a wonderful experience. I feel supported and genuinely loved, so I’m just looking forward to continuing to learn about the EVA NYC community. Students on campus love the products so I am also looking forward to more interactions on campus and meeting new friendly faces! 


Eva NYC Campus Mane Student

Major: Education with a minor in marketing

Favorite Hairstyle: I usually go for a beach hair look embracing curls and the blonde from the sun and salt, but recently I have been loving adding small bows in to my hair. 

I’m ready to be an #EvaNYCCampusMane because... 
I am excited to try new hair products, while also growing my social media presence. It is amazing that I get to help grow the brand and they help to grow me as well. I look forward to meeting more Campus Manes and growing my circle!

University of South Carolina


Eva NYC Campus Mane Student

Major: Public Health 

Campus Involvement: Carolina Dance Team and member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. 

Favorite Hairstyle: I typically wear my hair natural but I love a blow out/ silk press during the winter! 

I’m ready to be an #EvaNYCCampusMane because... 
I’m excited about growing in influencing and content creation. I’m also excited to learn more about the beauty industry through Eva NYC!


Eva NYC Campus Mane Student

Major: Retailing with a minor in Fashion Merchandising 

Campus Involvement: Member to Girls of Columbia Club  

Favorite Hairstyle: A claw clip hair style for workouts! Recently I have also gotten into heatless curls.  I’M OBSESSED. 

I’m ready to be an #EvaNYCCampusMane because... 
I am so passionate about influencer marketing. I’ve seen the influence I’ve had in youshowing them new/cute places to eat, amazing gyms, and even the best places to get lip filler. It has helped so many uofsc student romanticize our little city of Columbia! That is what makes me happy. I’m so excited to show the girls on our campus all of these hair products on top of that. 

St. John's University


Eva NYC Campus Mane Student

Major: Master's Degree in Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Leadership 

Campus Involvement: St. John’s University Soccer Team 

Favorite Hairstyle: 90s Blowout look (Rachel Green style) 

I’m ready to be an #EvaNYCCampusMane because... 
This program has opened so many doors for me into the influencer marketing world that I never anticipated on falling in love with. I've become so passionate about the relationships I create through this program and the constant support of other creators across social media platforms. Through this program I've learned to appreciate the sustainability of my products and I've opted to incorporate clean beauty products in all aspects of my routine whether it be haircare, skincare or makeup.


Eva NYC Campus Mane Student

Major: Marketing with minors in Fashion and Media 

Campus Involvement: Garage Clothing Student Ambassador, St. John’s
University Student Ambassador, and Vice President of the Marketing Club

Favorite Hairstyle: I love a fresh blow out!! I love when my hair is flowy, it makes me feel the most confident  

I’m ready to be an #EvaNYCCampusMane because... 
As a content creator this will allow me to expand my platform and better my content in every aspect! I am also very excited for the people I will meet along the way! One day I aspire to work in influencer marketing, so I believe this is the perfect way to utilize and learn more about the field!

University of Georgia


Eva NYC Campus Mane Student

Major: Marketing 

Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi, American Marketing Association, Women in Media, Women in Business 

Favorite Hairstyle: Voluminous Blowout with a bow! 

I’m ready to be an #EvaNYCCampusMane because...  
I love the ability to share my outlook with others while doing my favorite thing, creating content. Spreading kindness and cheer is something I am beyond passionate about, it is my lifestyle. Life can be hard and we truly never know what someone is going through, so I try to be a light in everyone's day because that may be the light they needed. I love to show my very girly personal style on my pages to promote confidence in embracing ourselves. Social media is my creative outlet where I am able to share my experiences and opinions with others in a comfortable community. 


Eva NYC Campus Mane Student

Major: Sports Management 

Campus Involvement: University of Georgia Gymnastics Team 

Favorite Hairstyle: Knotless Box Braids 

I’m ready to be an #EvaNYCCampusMane because... 
Sharing clean beauty products from brands like Eva NYC warms my heart! I’m passionate about making other young women feel confident in their styles while taking on the day.

University of Florida


Eva NYC Campus Mane Student

Major: Neuroscience 

Campus Involvement: Member of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority 

Favorite Hairstyle: Plain and straight! I like to keep it easy. 

I’m ready to be an #EvaNYCCampusMane because... 
I am excited to be a campus mane this year to be able to finish college being apart of something I love! I remember first joining Campus Manes and being so excited to have a fun creative outlet as a college student and now I get to finish this program with the conclusion of my college experience because I graduate this May!


Eva NYC Campus Mane Student

Major: Major Finance, Minor Economics 

Campus Involvement: Member of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority  

Favorite Hairstyle: Voluminous blowout!! I like to use the heatless overnight silk wrap too. 

I’m ready to be an #EvaNYCCampusMane because... 
I like to express my creative and marketing talents as a plus to my degree in finance. I hope to learn about how I can combine my passion for beauty and my skills in my degree.

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