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Eva NYC's Partnership with Girls Inc. of NYC

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Girls Inc of NYC

This year, Eva NYC is proud to celebrate a new Brooklyn Backyard partnership. Girls Inc. of New York City (GINYC) inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold by delivering life transforming programs to girls, young women, and gender-expansive youth throughout New York City.

Through education and advocacy, GINYC prepares girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers to advance to a more equitable world. Every day, Girls Inc. of NYC is on the ground, delivering services that reach 10,000 young people at sites across the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan.

Annual Girls Inc. Of NYC Leadership Conference: Elevate Her Essence  

Girls Inc of NYC

In honor of Women's History Month, Girls Inc. of NYC hosts an annual city-wide leadership conference. 

 This event supports girls across the city to engage in meaningful dialogue and dynamic workshops. This year's theme: “Elevate Her Essence” focuses on self-care and mental health. From meditation rooms, feminine care, vision boards and various other self-care activities, the conference educates each student about the importance of investing in themselves. Students received complimentary Eva NYC goodies and had the chance to spin our wheel for an additional special prize. 

Girls holding Eva NYC hair care products
Girls holding Eva NYC hair care products

Girls holding Eva NYC hair care products

Thank you to our Brooklyn Backyard partner at Buster’s Buds for supplying us with beautiful, curated bouquets to put in upcycled Eva NYC bottles.

That's a Wrap!

Eva NYC team members and conference table

Our team had such an amazing time meeting hundreds of Girls Inc. of NYC attendees at the 2024 Leadership Conference. As a Brooklyn-born hair care brand fueled by an all-women team, we see first-hand the magic of girl empowerment, mentorship, and authentic advocacy.

This is a chance to give back to our neighborhood that nourishes people like us with visions and aspirations for a future full of choice, confidence, and a better planet. Together, we're on a mission to propel young women of New York City forward, because it’s missions like GINYC that prepare our fellow New Yorkers to be the best versions of themselves. Stay tuned for more with Girls Inc. of NYC!

To learn more about ways to support Girls Inc. Of New York City, visit

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