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Find the perfect heat-styling tool for your routine!

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When your hair is happy, we’re happy.  

The team here at Eva NYC has made it our goal to provide healthy heat styling options by using the latest and greatest tech, providing you with styling tools that are professional-grade quality yet super gentle on your strands — and we’ve definitely succeeded. 

Our complete collection of hair styling tools harnesses far-infrared and negative ion technologies by incorporating ceramic and tourmaline components — making them a perfect hair-conscious addition to your styling routine. But, if you’d like a little more background before you make your selection, we’ve elaborated a little further on what’s what below! 

Model using Eva NYC Spectrum Blow Dryer

To start, Eva NYC’s selection of tools are powered by Healthy Heat Technology and Spectrum Far-Infrared Red Beam Technology

More on Healthy Heat

Our Healthy Heat collection of tools is infused with negative ion technology, which locks in hair’s moisture, eliminates frizz, & speeds up the hair drying process.  

Eva NYC Healthy Heat Tools Collection

This collection features: 

More on Spectrum

Spectrum Far-Infrared Red Beam Technology heats hair from the inside out, carrying heat deep into your follicle, helping it retain moisture, protecting the outer cuticle, and speeding up drying time.  

Eva NYC Spectrum Tools Collection
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