how to strengthen blonde hair with Eva NYC products

Posted by Alan Lundeen on

My most often asked question lately has definitely been: “What have you been doing differently with your hair?”. The answer? A LOT! Really though… I’ve changed every single thing I have ever done for my hair. It also is better than it ever has been and is growing faster than ever too! My hair care routine now is literally the best I think it has ever been. They sent over their Clean it Up Shampoo (in the liter size) along with the liter size of the Soften Up Conditioner. These products make your hair 3x stronger, lather and rinse well, smell amazing, and leave your hair feeling so soft and smooth. Something I’m super weird about is that a shampoo/conditioner and styling products also work when I air dry my hair. Sometimes I feel like products don’t do the same things when you don’t heat style… and leave your hair feeling waxy. These absolutely do not! I also have been loving their dry shampoo. I’m also super excited to share with you that through April 17th you can get these liter bottles at Costco for 9.99! You really cannot beat that guys! I love that EVA NYC is so affordable. Having amazing hair doesn’t have to cost a million dollars. I promise!



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