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Let’s Talk Texture!

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Are your hair care products a match -made in heaven for your strands? Or does your routine need a little TLC? 

Getting to know the ways of your mane is important because it helps provide benefits both you and your hair will love! Here at Eva NYC, we formulate products with all hair types in mind. For a personalized list of recommendations based on your hair goals and specific needs, take our hair quiz here. 

Let’s get started! 

Type 1: Straight Hair / Fine 

Volume, thickness, and lightweight moisturization.  

If those words made your hair stand up, we’ve got the perfect collection for you! Eva NYC’s Lift-Off Volume Collection will take your hair soaring to new heights. This collection will benefit finer hair textures that are looking for thicker, fuller locks with instant body. Its moisturizing, volumizing formula delivers soft and perfectly voluminous hair that won't fall flat. 

Type 2: Wavy Hair / Medium

Looking to embrace your hair’s natural texture and movement?  

Reach for this easygoing, heat-free hair routine. The Lazy Jane Air Dry Collection is ready to help you achieve an effortless, perfectly undone look. This formula will texturize, tousle, and add body to all hair types, and gives naturally wavy hair that extra oomph. 

Type 3: Curly + Coily Hair / Thick

Thick hair needs love too, and the Satin Dream Smoothing trio knows its exact love language.   

This gentle shampoo creates a pillow-soft lather that rinses clean and glosses over every strand. Because this ultra-rich conditioner adds shine, fights frizz, and leaves hair satiny smooth, we recommended this dream come true collection for thick + coarse hair types. 

Type 4: All Hair Types

Is your hair looking for a little extra strength and moisture? We’ve got your back!  

Our Mane Magic 10-in-1 Collection is our magical potion that transforms your locks into a soft, fizz-free, strong mane. With 10 benefits in one bottle, it’s sure to give your hair the deep hydration it’s been longing for. Check out these amazing benefits!  

  1. Strengthens* 
  2. Revitalizes  
  3. Reduces Frizz  
  4. Softens  
  5. Moisturizes 
  6. Nourishes  
  7. Reduces Breakage*  
  8. Smooths  
  9. Increases Manageability  
  10. Healthy Look & Feel 

*Clinically tested for stronger hair when used as a system.  

For a good hair day – every day Eva NYC has a collection for you. P.S. Show us your hairstyle! Snap a selfie of your new do and tag #EvaNYC.  

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