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Meet Eva NYC’s First Inaugural Campus Manes Class!

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Class is in session! What if you could have a good hair day, every day right on your college campus? 
Eva NYC is now sold at select college bookstores! This school year, we decided to major in good hair days. We are so excited to announce our first ever inaugural class of Eva NYC college representatives. Chosen for their love of beauty, haircare + all things Eva NYC. 
It was a no-brainer to search for star students who could speak to this exciting opportunity. The ultimate college student is so influential, we wanted to give students an opportunity to work alongside Eva NYC to gain experience in the beauty industry, but most importantly have fun connecting on campus. These collegiate connoisseurs are passionate, involved, and filled with school pride. 

For the first time in Eva NYC history, we are excited to introduce our 2022 Campus Manes! 

Tori Moraga – University of Florida

Tori Moraga

Tell us about you: BA dance major with a minor in advertising and health promotion. I am a dancer and am part of the Florida Gators Dazzlers dance team. I’m from Miami, Florida. I love to travel and am always finding new music to listen to. 

What’s your hair type: I have curly hair and am a mix between 3B and 3C curl type.  

Tell us about your hair journey: I have always struggled finding a product that would help me define my curls while keeping them healthy. Finding out that EVA NYC products were vegan and cruelty-free was what reeled me in because not only were the products of good quality, but they keep my hair healthy without any chemicals that would damage my hair.

Carly Butler – University of Florida

Carly Butler

Tell us about you: I’m Carly Butler and I’m pursuing a degree in Finance with a minor in economics. I’m from Tallahassee, Florida but Go Gators! I love coffee and breakfast, the beach and playing tennis. I’m usually in my studies or working but in my free time I enjoy creating content and collaborating with brands I love! 

What’s your hair type: 3/4. I have very dark, thick and coarse hair. When I was younger my hair was 100% straight but now it’s grown to have a slight wave.  

Tell us about your hair journey: I have had a couple of full balayages done to make my hair lighter, so I like to use the toning shampoo and conditions. I’ve been using heat products for the longest time but I make sure to use heat protectants. My hair can usually style and hold easily although I really I have to watch out for humidity! I have found that blow outs are my favorite hair style :)

Sarah Combs – University of South Carolina

Sarah Combs

Tell us about you: I am in law school at the University of South Carolina. I am originally from Kentucky! Fun fact about me, in high school I was in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade 

What’s your hair type: I would consider my hair type to be silky, straight and of medium thickness. 

Tell us about your hair journey: My hair journey has been amazing with Eva NYC! The smoothness, shine, and texture all seem to be exactly what I want. The best part is that my hair always smells so amazing!

Kayla Manning – University of South Carolina

Kayla Manning

Tell us about you: I am from Kernersville NC but attend the University of South Carolina where I am on the cheerleading team. My major is psychology with hopes to become a sports psychologist in the NFL. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends and cooking. 

What’s your hair type: My hair type is 3C. 

Tell us about your hair journey: My hair journey has been a whirlwind. I used to straighten my hair all the time because I didn’t like it curly. But now I wear it curly 90% of the time and I love it. My hair has gone from damaged to healthy so while it has been a ride, I’m grateful for the journey!

Zoe Gordon – Pepperdine University

Zoe Gordon

Tell us about you: I’m a theatre and screen arts major at Pepperdine University. I’m from Las Vegas, NV originally but live in Malibu, CA now. I’m a princess for birthday parties and I'm a model / actress / influencer! 

What’s your hair type: My hair type is wavy, thick, and long. 

Tell us about your hair journey: My hair used to be super long when I was growing up, and now it’s hitting a stopping point. Ha! But, I love my thick hair and I love to style it. My hair retains styling so well, and I used to be more balayage blonde but now I’ve been in love with a darker brunette look!

Amanda Salazar – Pepperdine University  

Amanda Salazar

Tell us about you: I'm from Orange County, California! I'm double majoring in biology and Hispanic studies, and a fun fact about me is that I love making flower bouquets! 

What’s your hair type: My hair type is straight or 1B. 

Tell us about your hair journey: My hair has always helped me to feel confident, so taking care of it is extremely important to me. I value having hair products that are not only great for my hair but also for the planet!

Kaitlyn Martinez – Texas A&M University

Tell us about you: I’m a biomedical engineering major from Temple, TX. I love running, plants and driving with the windows down. 

What’s your hair type: My hair type is 3B. 

Tell us about your hair journey: My hair journey started with straightening my hair everyday for years in middle school because I had no idea how to control my hair. All of my friends had straight or wavy hair and I couldn’t even get a brush through mine. I didn’t like that my hair was different and so hard to work with. Until one summer after spending a lot of time in and out of the pool I realized I really liked the way my natural hair looked and wished I knew how to style it so I could have curly hair everyday.

And that started my journey of experimenting with products and methods that worked best for my hair. I’m still figuring it out as my hair grows and changes with me, but I love that my hair is curly, unique and truly me and I love finding products that enhance this like Eva NYC. I think my focus today is keeping my hair happy and healthy, and advocating that curly and textured hair belongs in all places all the time.

From the classroom to the boardroom and the sports field, your hair, however you want to wear it, is undeniably beautiful and more than acceptable but rather exceptional.

Grayson Cofield – Texas A&M University

Grayson Cofield

Tell us about you: I am a communications and business major at Texas A&M university -- whoop! I am a senior this year and have loved my time at A&M and don’t want to leave. I love working out, popcorn, and would love to move to a city! 

What’s your hair type: My hair type is curly and thick, and I love wearing it naturally but also love a good blowout!

Tell us about your hair journey: When I was younger, I never liked my hair, I wanted it to be stick straight constantly up until high school when my mom encouraged me to wear it natural! My curls curls started to grow out and I started taking care of my hair more diligently! Ever since then I’ve loved my curly hair because it runs in my family and makes me feel close to my mom and cousins. It’s something we all share, and I love that!

Izzy Aviza – St. John’s University

Izzy Aviza

Tell us about you: My major is Criminal Justice, I'm from Medway, Massachusetts, I have 3 older siblings and I've grown up with cats and dogs my whole life. My favorite holiday ever is Christmas because I love spending time with my family and my house is always so festive around the holidays! 

What’s your hair type: I have dirty blonde hair that is fine/medium in texture. I've been getting my hair highlighted blonde since I was in high school so that has been a journey to upkeep, but I still love the blonde moment. 

Tell us about your hair journey: My hair journey has been a tough one because I constantly have my hair up in a ponytail from playing soccer my whole life. I became more passionate about taking care of my hair a few years ago and I've seen such a huge difference. I've loved using products that keep my blonde bright and products that nourish my hair so that my hair stays looking healthy between washes.

Kalea Chiverton – St. John’s University

Kalea Chiverton

Tell us about you: I’m from Baldwin, Long Island. I’m a business major and I am part of the kickline team! I’ve been performing for over 10 years! Aside from that, I love doing social media and creating content, and going out! 

What’s your hair type: My hair time is 4B! 

Tell us about your hair journey: My hair journey has been pretty consistent! I wear my hair natural 80% of the time. I was wearing the same style, but I have started to look into more protective styles and ways to switch up my hair. I’m always looking for new hair products to up my curl game!! I love a good slick back, it’s my favorite hairstyle!!

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