Urban Outfitters Visits Eva NYC for an Exclusive Tour

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A haircare regimen for the unregimented: get to know newcomer haircare line Eva NYC in an exclusive studio visit.
Photos by Tavish Timothy
Tell us about the evolution of Eva NYC and the mission of the brand.
Feminine and edgy. Playful and smart. Urban and Bohemian. Eva NYC represents the duality found in real women. We stand for a community that embraces a beauty lifestyle that is un-regimented, fun, and free.
Born in Brooklyn in 2012, Eva NYC is a professional quality brand of seriously hard-hitting styling tools and hair care. Our mission is to use advanced technologies and premium ingredients to promote stronger, healthier (and trend slaying) hair. 
EVA NYC is about an individualized approach to haircare — can you share more about what this means to the brand? How do these principles manifest in your products?
Eva NYC offers a complete collection of professional quality hair care products and styling tools that are designed to transform and empower every woman. Our approach is rooted in the mantra “strong hair for strong women.” Our core hair care range (think: wash and treatment products) combines Argan oil with the breakthrough strengthening complex Keravis, to drastically improve the health and flexibility of hair. 
Our innovative styling products and healthy heat styling tools are really where our individualistic approach comes into play. We help our “Eva It Girls” take their styles to the next level with unique products and ingredients and fashion-forward designs. Our serum-infused hair towelettes are perfect for festivals and de-frizzing on-the-go, while our 100% ceramic styling is available in fun, trendy prints like galaxy and hologram. Eva NYC helps women achieve salon-quality styles without setting foot in a salon. 

We love the packaging of your products — can you share more about the design?
Eva NYC stands for strong, independent women and our hot pink bottles and multi-colored gradient design conveys a fun, feminine energy. Social media is a huge part of our brand presence, and Eva fans love sharing our bright packaging on their feeds. 
You are based in Brooklyn — how does an NYC home base influence/inspire your line?
Brooklyn is such a destination for creativity and originality. Our home base is a constant source of inspiration—sidewalk art installations, unique graffiti and inhabitants who are just as interesting as the neighborhood art! Take a quick walk down the street and you’ll see at least 5 women grabbing a coffee or running to catch the train, while absolutely SLAYING their look. Brooklyn women love to be stylish, but we also have to be practical while commuting. Because of this, we consistently put our products to the test during NYC’s worst winters and most humid summers. We want our line to make every day a great hair day!
What’s the process look like for creating a new product? 
We are constantly immersing ourselves in beauty trends and innovation in the product space. Our social media accounts are also incredibly active. We love to connect with our consumers and listen to their beauty needs. The product development cycle really takes into consideration the feedback of real women with real needs! We love to ask our customer what she wants, and then create just that. Then it’s testing, testing, testing. Our team is comprised of all hair types, colors and textures, and we strive to create products that simplify the beauty process and help women feel their best. 
For someone new to the brand, what products do we need to get our hands on right now? 
Eva NYC’s Freshen Up Dry Shampoo is a definitely a fan favorite. It smells amazing and uses natural rice starch, instead of talc powder, to absorb oil without any white residue. Our non-blonde team members are obsessed with how it’s completely invisible on their hair.
Our two newest products are the Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer and Purse Perfect Hair Towelettes. The primer is a miracle potion that literally does it all – detangles, nourishes, strengthens, softens, cuts drying time, adds shine, reduces frizz and protects against thermal, environmental and uv damage. This product simplifies the beauty routine and feeds hair with vitamins and nutrients with Argan and Sunflower Seed oils. The hair towelettes are soft, serum-infused wipes that tame frizz and flyaways, add radiant shine and refresh on-the-go. They are perfect for travel, the gym, festivals, and help keep your mane tame anywhere. This year they won the Naturally Curly Editor’s Choice Awards for Most Innovative Product!
Can you share more about what sets your styling tools apart?
Our healthy heat collection of styling tools incorporate 100% ceramic and tourmaline components, that are gentle on hair and get salon-quality results. They have no metal components for healthier styling and are available in fashion-forward designs! Women who care about their hair are also up to speed on the latest trends, so we introduce new prints and colors seasonally. Our styling tools are also designed with the NYC hustle in mind. For instance, our mini styling Iron comes with a fun cosmetics case that doubles as a clutch – leave the iron on the vanity and enjoy a night on the town!
What’s next for the brand?
As far as innovation, we’re launching a weightless styling powder this fall—the Zero Gravity Volume Powder. It creates insane volume and texture, and moisturizes and strengthens with Aloe Vera & Vitamin B5. Next year, we’re planning a major blonde moment! Our future collection is ideal for highlighted, color-treated and natural blonde hair, and will eliminate brass using violet technology. The collection promotes Instagram-worthy, icy blonde hair and is infused with our key ingredient, Keravis to further promote strong hair, for strong blondes.
As a brand, we have a ton of exciting social collaborations in the works, so make sure to follow us @evahairnyc to catch a glimpse of what we’re up to. We’re a close-knit team and are all incredibly passionate about our products. Looking to the future, we’re so excited to watch our Eva NYC community grow. 
Girl power and world domination, one strand at a time!
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