4 Ways to Speed up Your Daily Blow Dry Routine

Time is of the essence. That’s why spending forever blow drying your hair each morning can be a bit discouraging and stressful. If the “I woke up like this” look just doesn’t work with your hair, check out our tips for speeding up your blow dry.

1. Get out of the Bathroom

Say what?! If your morning routine includes taking a hot shower, and then blow drying your hair -- you’re most likely used to being a frizz monster. Why is that? After a hot (and wonderful) shower in the a.m., your bathroom becomes steamy and humid. You know, the type of weather your hair hates the most.

You’ll definitely speed up your blow dry if you’re in a dry room -- and not a room filled with moisture.
2. Use a Product Built for Speed
The newest addition to the Eva NYC family will become an essential part of your blow drying routine. The Speed It Up Blow Dry Spray cuts your drying time in half, while its powerful conditioning ingredients nourish hair and protect against heat damage.
The result is smooth, light and glossy hair -- in a flash!
3. Use the Right Blow Dryer
A powerful blow dryer is a must if you want speedy blow dry sessions. Our Almighty Pro-Lite Dryer uses tourmaline-infused ceramic components to emit maximum negative ions and far infrared heat. Far infrared heat works to eliminate static and frizz, and reduces drying time while preserving moisture in the hair shaft.

The results are healthy, vibrant, smooth and silky hair.
4. Make It Last

If your daily hair routine takes you a while to complete, don’t do it every day. Our Freshen Up Dry Shampoo will keep that blowout fresh for one-more-day!

Isn’t it amazing how the right products and styling tools can transform even the most reluctant locks in a jiffy?! If you want to test the speed for yourself, head to your local Ulta.

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