Prom Hair: 4 Looks You'll Love

Something important is right around the corner for many high school juniors and seniors. Prom!

Between the dress, hair, makeup, limo, and hot date, this ultra-glam tradition has the tendency to make us all feel like royalty. But let's get real for a second. Prom is expensive! It can easily cost $400 (or more), and that's just for the dress. Yikes!

A great way to save some money is to do your own hair. Luckily, those complicated updo's aren't as popular as they once were. Now it's all about luscious waves, braids, and simple ponies.

Below are a few must-haves that will not only save you time, but money too!

Photo Credit: Instagram @ajadang, styled by @nikkideroest

1. Wavy

Go Hollywood Glam by using the Eva NYC Up All Night Volumizing Spray on your wet hair. This will protect your hair from heat while adding insane volume.

Now blow dry your hair until it's 80% dry. From there, blow dry small sections with a round brush. Over direct your hair at your crown for added volume.

Once your hair is voluptuous and smooth, curl your hair in sections using a 32mm curler (for long hair) or a 25-18mm curler (for medium hair).

Spray your curls with the Eva NYC Hold Me Tight Hairspray. For 30's inspired waves, brush out your curls with a boar bristle brush. For mega waves, let them be.

Tip: Does this seem complicated? Get ready with friends! You can all help each other out.


Photo Credit: Instagram @alysonalconis

2. Straight

70's revival is in full swing. Participate by rockin' a middle part. Go ultra straight, or just curl your ends with the Eva NYC styler.

Tip: Curl your ends 70’s style by putting the styler at the middle of your hair shaft and pull down while turning the styler towards your face. This will give you that Mary Tyler Moore flip! This technique works best with medium length hair.

Photo Credit: Instagram @desimakeup 

3. Braided

Whether you decide to go straight, curly or wavy, a braid will be a welcoming touch.

Tip: We’re loving this tutorial from Paige Piskin! It’s Coachella inspired, but boho chic works all day, everyday.

Photo Credit: Eva NYC at Whitney Eve Show, New York Fashion Week 2012​

4. Pony

Sleek ponies took over the runways this past season, and they're extremely easy to re-create. After you blowout your hair with our Speed it Up Blow Dry Spray, part your hair in your desired location and lightly spray (from root to tip) with the Eva NYC Forget Me Knot Dry Conditioner.

Use a discreet elastic the color of your hair and put your hair in a ponytail. If you have long hair, go for a side pony.

Spray the pony with the Eva NYC Surf's Up! Texture Spray and start curling small sections.

Finish the look by spraying your locks with the Hold Me Tight Hairspray.

Tip: Don't fluff out your curls quite yet. Wait until you're ready for pictures. Then fluff away!


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