10 Unique Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has become the holy grail of hair products for many -- especially during the summer. I mean, who wants to spend all morning in the bathroom getting ready when the sun is shining bright? And do you really need to blowout your hair when you’re about to have a pool day? If you haven’t received the memo, our Freshen Up Dry Shampoo keeps hair lookin’ fab one day longer by removing excess oil and odor, but that’s not all…

Below are 10 unique ways to use our Freshen Up Dry Shampoo that you may not have thought of yet:

1. As a Texturizer

If you run out of our Surf’s Up Texture Spray the day you want to sport sassy beach waves, don’t fret. Dry shampoo is a great substitute; especially if you have lighter hair. Simply spritz between your layers (midshaft to ends) and shake out your hair with your fingers. This will add mega texture! Just don’t go over-board.

2. As a Body Spray

If you’re in a stinky situation, dry shampoo is the perfect body spray stand in. And Freshen Up smells oh so good!

3. As an "Oil Preventer"

We know that dry shampoo absorbs oil, but can it prevent it, too? Yes it can! Just apply Freshen Up to your roots before bed and beat greasiness to the punch.

4. As a Finishing Touch

After your blowout, you may feel your hair is still missing that va va voom. To pump up the volume, just spritz some Freshen Up to your crown area! From there, curl the back of your hair with a large barrel curler, or use a round brush with a dryer to revive the oomph.

5. As a Room Spray

Lighting a scented candle or spritzing your abode with a room spray before a bunch of friends come over can make your home even more inviting. Unfortunately, many apartments and dorms don’t allow candles. If you’re out of room spray (or don’t want to use your expensive perfume from France), just spritz a small area of a room with Freshen Up Dry Shampoo. Not only does it freshen up hair, but it’ll freshen up a room, too!

6. As a Curl Prepper

Don’t you just hate getting all glammed up, only to have your curls fall before leaving the house? If you have ultra fine hair, this might be an everyday problem for you. To prevent this infuriating dilemma, spray each curl section with dry shampoo to thicken your strands. After curling, spray your locks with our Hold Me Tight Hairspray.

7. As a Sneaker Saver

Our Freshen Up Dry Shampoo is already a gym must-have, but it does has another use that might change your life...The next time you hit the locker room after an intense workout, spritz some Freshen Up into your sneakers as an odor preventer. 

It'll extend the life of you sneaks and keep your gym bag smelling fab!

8. To Prevent Your Bangs from Sticking to Your Forehead

If you love rocking fringe all year long, you know how frustrating they can be in the summer. The heat causes you to sweat, and then boom -- bad hair day, every day.To prevent the dreaded sticking, just spray our Freshen Up Dry Shampoo under your fringe.

9. To Prevent Bobby Pins from Sliding

If your hair is extremely clean, bobby pins can become errant and slide. To make sure they stay put, prep the pins by spraying them with some Freshen Up. It’ll give them extra grip!

10. For Dramatic Volume

Need to tease your hair for a glamorous look with lots of height? Just spray some Freshen Up to the undersides of each section before backcombing. 

How do you use dry shampoo? Let us know in the comments below!