Our New York City office is happy to facilitate warranty replacements for the U.S., Canada, and other countries worldwide. If you are inquiring about a warranty replacement in Canada, Europe, or elsewhere, please contact info@eva-nyc.com for separate instructions.

We are sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Eva-NYC styling tool. Please review the information below and follow the directions to receive your brand new replacement!

Eva-NYC tools purchased from unauthorized retailers are not covered under warranty. To verify an authorized retailer please email info@eva-nyc.com.


1. Returning Your Damaged Styling Tool
2. What to Include in Return Shipment
3. Purchasing a Warranty Extension
4. Estimated Timeline

1. Returning Your Damaged Styling Tool

To receive your replacement styling tool, we ask that you send everything outlined in the section below to the following address:

300 Meserole St.
Brooklyn NY 11206

Please, consider a shipping option with a tracking number for your records.

2. What to Include in Return Shipment

Your Contact Details
In your package be sure to include your full name, email address, phone number and shipping address. Please note that FedEx does not ship to P.O. boxes, and we will need a full address. It is imperative that your contact information be neat and legible, so that we may contact you easily, if needed.

Damaged Styling Tool
Please, send the defective styling tool back, preferably in the original box. If you do not have the original packaging, it may be wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped inside an envelope. 

Shipping and Handling
A check or money order will need to be made out to “Heat Makes Sense Inc.” for $22.95 for continental US shipping and handling. Shipping and handling for Alaska and Hawaii is $30.

Proof of Warranty
Proof of warranty, either a photocopy of the free first-year warranty or a photocopy of an extended manufacturer’s warranty, must be submitted.

Only your receipt photocopy from the original purchase of your styling tool proves a first-year warranty. You may use a credit card or bank statement as proof of receipt if you do not have your original receipt.

For proof of an extended manufacturer’s warranty, you must submit a photocopy of your filled-out Lifetime Warranty Card. In order for the Eva-NYC Lifetime Warranty Card to be valid, it must be accompanied by a receipt, credit card, or bank statement—no exceptions.

Please note: If you have lost your receipt, cannot find a credit card or bank statement, received your tool as a gift or you first year warranty has expired, you will need to purchase a warranty extension to have your tool replaced. Please, follow the instructions below.

3. Purchasing a Warranty Extension

To purchase a Warranty Extension for your tool, include a check or money order for the appropriate amount, listed below, made out to “Heat Makes Sense Inc.”, and mail it along with the damaged styling tool.

Two-year Warranty Purchase
$19.99 + $22.95 S&H (continental U.S.) = $42.94 total
$19.99 + $30.00 S&H (Alaska, & Hawaii) = $49.99 total

Lifetime Warranty Purchase
$29.99 + $22.95 S&H (continental US) = $52.94 total
$29.99 + $30 S&H (Alaska, & Hawaii) =$59.99 total

Your warranty extension purchase will be logged into our system as your replacement is processed. We will email a receipt of your extension purchase, if requested.

4. Estimated Timeline

Once everything is received in full, it will take no longer than 4-5 business days to process your replacement. Please allow time for your return shipment to arrive and your replacement styling tool to be shipped via FedEx ground shipping.

Please don’t hesitate to email us with any questions!

If the print of your tool is unavailable for replacement, Eva NYC will attempt to contact you with available print options. If no response is received from the customer within 48 hours, Eva NYC retains the right to send any available print. We do this in an effort to insure a speedy warranty claim.