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All of Your Eva NYC Your Questions, Answered!

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We reached out to our customer service team to find the answers to all the questions you have about your fave Eva NYC products!  

From how to use our products on protective styles, to what’s up with our color care collections, to just how long you should actually be leaving Therapy Session on your hair – we’ve got you covered!  

Can I leave my Therapy Session Hair Mask on overnight? Can I use it as a daily conditioner?

Our Therapy Session Hair Mask is the ultimate addition to any part of your hair maintenance routine. Not only can you use it as a treatment that deeply conditions, hydrates, and softens strands – you can also use this rich, creamy mask as an everyday conditioner.

After using any of our shampoos, swap this product out with your regular conditioner for some extra nourishment and shine. 

Why did my products come in dented?

Our 100% recyclable aluminum bottles are prone to developing a little character (or denting) during shipment – but it’s nothing to be concerned about! Aluminum is a soft + lightweight metal that breaks down quickly, making it easy to reuse over and over (and over) again. 
That being said, the product inside our bottles is perfectly fine for usage – we like to think there’s just more to love about the bottles that house them. PLUS, did you know that nearly 75% of all aluminum produced in the U.S. are still in use today and can continue to be recycled an unlimited number of times. That means that our bottles can make their way back to a shelf near you in less than 60 days!  
We would like to note that if anything’s leaking or broken, please feel free to send a picture to and we will get your product replaced as soon as possible! 

How do I become a collaborator/influencer?

Watch this space! Soon, we’ll be launching a wonderful opportunity that we’re sure you’ll be excited to join us on. Follow our socials for updates on what’s coming and to keep up to date with all the fun initiatives we’re pushing!  

Can I use the Brass to Sass Brunette Collection on my blonde hair? Can I use the Tone it Down Blonde Collection on my brunette hair?

With the color wheel in mind, we know that applying purple shampoo will neutralize the brassy yellow tones in blonde hair, because yellow sits across from purple on it. As for our blue toning products, we know that they will neutralize the brassy orange tones in brunette hair because blue sits across from orange on it.  
With that being said, some rules are meant to be broken! If you have rich, brunette hair streaked with light highlights – feel free to use either of our Tone It Down collection. If you have deeper blonde tones, our Brass to Sass collection will neutralize any orange tones that try to make an appearance.  
If you’re still wondering about how this all works, read more about how you should integrate these toning products into your hair routine here. 

How Am I able to use Eva NYC on my protective styles? 

Whether your hair is tucked away in box braids for the summer or you’re giving your strands a break with some extensions, we definitely have product for you! 
If you’d like a refresh, we recommend using our Freshen Up Invisible Dry Shampoo to refresh your roots and absorb any oil then top if off with our Mane Magic Hair Fragrance to add some long-lasting, mood besting smell goods to your style. 
If you’d like to add some nourishment in between wash days, we recommend cleansing your scalp with any of our shampoo and conditioner duos to get rid of any build up and add moisture in-between take-downs. Be sure to follow up with a spritz or two of our Just Glisten Hair + Body Mist to add extra shine and hydration!

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