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Eva NYC Hair Care Glamour Beauty Awards 2021

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Eva NYC Wins Glamour 2021 Beauty Awards for Three Products!

Meet our three Glamour 2021 Beauty Awards winners! Glamour has dubbed our Lazy Jane Air Dry Shampoo + Conditioner the Best Drugstore Shampoo & Conditioner for Volume and our City Grit Matte Texture Spray as the Best Drugstore Texturizer.  

It’s true finding products to enhance your hair’s natural texture can be a bigger feat that we think. For straighter hair types, holding styles like curls or waves is even harder to achieve. Enter Eva NYC’s texturizing products… 

Best Drugstore Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner 

Up first, our Lazy Jane Air Dry duo. These two are lifesavers for volumizing, starting (and finishing) the styling in the shower to deliver easy-going, air dried hair perfection! Glamour contributor Madeline Hirsch said it best: these deliver “maximum impact, [with] minimum effort.” And what’s more? No heat styling necessary. That’s right, a heat-free styling routine to embrace your inner lazy girl + save your hair some damage.  

 Eva NYC Lazy Jane Air Dry Shampoo and Conditioner

Unique Formulas for Frizz-Taming

Thanks to their unique formulas, Lazy Jane Air Dry Shampoo and Conditioner both bring out your hair’s natural texture while adding grip to the roots to lift, thicken, and add body. Another benefit of using this duo is that it helps tame frizz. By smoothing while styling, this duo enhances your natural style by reducing flyaways and frizz! Their formulas are infused with ingredients such as Hemp Seed Oil to hydrate, protect and lock in moisture, as well as Sea Lavender for a relaxing scent and antioxidants to moisturize and soften. These two talk the talk and walk the walk. 

Two-Step Routine 

The goal is to bring it down to two steps in your hair styling routine to save time and energy – for the lazy Jane within us all.  

  • Step 1: Shampoo.  
  • Step 2: Conditioner.  

Best Drugstore Texture Spray 

Up next, our City Grit Matte Texture Spray. This formula delivers volume and tousled texture to hair in an instant. Its soft, matte finish creates effortless and enviable body, for an undone look that’s never trying too hard. It’s powered by ingredients like argan oil and plant protein, which are great for moisturizing, hydrating, and reducing the appearance of breakage to keep hair looking and feeling healthy.  

Eva NYC’s City Grit Matte Texture Spray in hands

Hirsh adds, “I find myself reaching for this on days when my hair is looking a little sad and flat.” With City Grit as your go-to hair texture spray, you can fight the flatness and bring the style – without the crunch. 

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