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Our Team’s Favorite Hair Products

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From our brand & digital marketing teams to sales, e-commerce, and more, we’ll be giving you the inside scoop of who does what, and why they love their go-to Eva NYC product – no bias, of course! We asked each member of our team to let you know which hair care product or hair tool they love the most and why. Today, we’re looking into the most commonly-loved product in the team, the Therapy Session Hair Mask.

Most Common: Therapy Session Hair Mask

It’s no secret that we as a team share a therapist…for our hair – except our Therapy Session Hair Mask doesn’t charge by the hour. Inside this beloved pink tub is a treatment for dry hair types in search of much-needed TLC. See for yourself what a few of our team members have to say about one of our hair heroes:

Robbi Webb, Senior Director of eCommerce:

Hair Type: fine & slightly wavy

“Therapy Session is amazing because it really works, and it works the first time you use it. Then, if you have time to watch a show or movie with it in, your hair is super silky smooth and shiny.” 

Hair Type - fine and slightly wavy

London Coleman-Williams, Influencer and Partnerships Manager:

Hair Type: 4A-4B curly but often worn straight

“Personally, this was my most anticipated product, and it lived up to ALL of my expectations. It also just fits perfectly into my self-care routine – hair mask, face mask and chill.” 

Hair Type - 4a-4b curly

What Makes Therapy Session the Best Hair Mask?

This mask deeply conditions, hydrates and smooths to provide a simple, but luxurious indulgence. Its rich, creamy formula melts into hair, while also melting your troubles away. Relax and unwind your way to shiny, healthy-looking hair! It’s free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, mineral oil, and gluten, and is also vegan & cruelty free.

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