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Self-care with Therapy Session Hair Mask

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It’s always the perfect time to try out new products + tips that take care of your mind, body, and hair! 

There’s nothing like a chill unwind while treating yourself to a nourishing hair mask. Relax your way to shiny, healthier-looking strands with Therapy Session Hair Mask our rich, creamy hair mask that’s sure to provide your hair with some much-needed TLC. Apply this luxurious, indulgent formula in the shower, leave on for 2-5 minutes and rinse, and get ready to melt your troubles away. 

Even though our hair mask is great for all hair types, self-care is not one-size fits all there is no wrong answer to how we choose to practice self-love! Forever on the hunt for more ways to treat ourselves, we decided to ask some of our lovely team members to share what they do to unwind after a busy week of creating good hair days keep reading to find out what they had to say! 

Janie M. - Associate Social Media Manager

“Positive morning affirmations always help to set my day off right. When I’m stressed, I practice mindfulness + meditation to keep myself grounded and in the moment. I also make sure to schedule a weekly night for ‘me time’ to relax and recharge. This usually involves a mellow playlist, cooking, lighting candles, journaling, long showers and doing a hair + face mask (in a robe, of course!).”

Larissa N. - Social Media Coordinator

“For me self-care is a must - in my world these moments involve movement, mindfulness, and daily rituals. I love to go on long walks with my dogs, ride my bike on the beach, or take a meditative yoga sculpt class outside on the deck. I always try to put my phone down after work hours and enjoy some time away from the digital world (it really does make the biggest difference!). Lastly, I always ensure to end my day with a hydrating haircare and skincare routine, to ensure I feel my absolute best for the next day.”

Sam B. - Influencer & Social Media Coordinator

“I chill in bed and watch Netflix.”

Katie C. - Account Manager

"Working out is key to my self-care routine. Taking a group fitness class or hitting the gym solo helps me finish the day with a sense of accomplishment and allows me to channel my stress into physical activity. It forces me to turn my brain off for an hour or two and focus on myself, something I’ve always found super challenging!”

Kenia C. - Associate Account Manager

“l practice self-care by setting aside time for my skincare routine every night. I love taking my time to apply my creams and serums and pop on a sheet mask, it really helps me relax. Taking those few minutes to myself always puts me in a great mood!”

Caroline H. - Account Coordinator

“I get my nails done every few weeks! There's a total shift in my mood and confidence when I have my claws, and I love being able to express myself through fun colors and designs.”

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